Watch Disney’s Incredible Family this summer in Japan

Incredible Family will be released in Japan this 1st of August! 2018年8月1日(水曜日)に、日本では「インクレディブル・ファミリー」が公開です! Official Trailer from Disney Pixar: Japanese-dubbed Trailer from ディズニー公式:

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How Japan sells puppies (and other pets) is so stress-relieving. Just look at these puppies!!

After a loooong day at work, I would often drop by Markis in Yokohama and stare at the puppies sold

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Todoroki Valley: A Quick Escape from Bustling Tokyo

The Valley If you simple want to shun out the city and refresh your soul, spend time walking or jogging

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Interesting Finds – Japan Edition: Hello Kitty Store in Ginza

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Interesting Finds - Japan Edition

Love Hello Kitty merchandise? You’ll find yourself swirling and drunk-giddy in this store in Ginza. The store is small on

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