Omiyage – Pasalubong – Souvenirs: Dars

It’s Christmas season here so I hoarded several sweets and snacks that I personally love here in Japan and would

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Interesting Finds – Japan Edition: Japanese Multi-Flavored Snack Pretz Flavor

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Interesting Finds - Japan Edition

Nom Nom Nom Today I skipped riding the bus to save money and afford myself some various treats from a

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Galileo Enotica Deli: Cozy Date Nook

Located in an unimposing neighborhood, Galileo Enotica in Mandaluyong is a cozy refuge from the bustle of the city.   

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Komoro Soba (SM Megamall): A Ray of Hope for Soba fans in the Philippines?

Sometimes you abandon hope just because you don’t have a choice. When my taste bud met miso soup, I abandoned

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