Interesting Finds – Japan Edition: Japanese Multi-Flavored Snack Pretz Flavor

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Today I skipped riding the bus to save money and afford myself some various treats from a snack shop (おかしのまちおか) just across my station – not just because I want to eat them (actually I stored most of them for later – Horaaaaah self-control!) but because I want to show you that aside from multiple and interesting KitKat flavors here in Japan, you can go look for interesting Pretz flavors too!

Pretz Sea Urchin

Have you tried eating sea urchin? I haven’t and I don’t know if I’ll ever try. Comment below if you want me to do so. LOL. I think it’s pretty easy to get ahold of this delicacy in the Philippines or Japan. So, what I’m trying to say is that I can’t compare it to the taste of the real thing but it tastes like the sea – lightly fishy and salty. This version is a little fancy for the same price but only comes in a single package compared to the typical 2-packs box. The color is also just in time for Halloween – orange with a black fancy package.

Pretz Salad

One of the most common Pretz. You can buy it almost everywhere. It has the signature grilled side and some splashes of salt around the stick. It tastes like any vegetable snack but I find it too salty. I cannot eat one package of this on my own. The saltiness level demands it to be shared.

Pretz Butter

My favorite Pretz! I think this flavor is not very common. You can rarely find this in the convenience store. But in case you do, grab as much as logically and financially possible because this is awesome! Beware not to try to eat too much. This is still a snack – v. unhealthy. Just eat it when you need to be happy (everyday? LOL)

Pretz Tomato

Hmmm. This tastes pretty much like the Salad Pretz but with a little hint of tanginess akin to tomatoes. The stick also contains hints of green to dissuade you from thinking that this is, in fact, a snack and not as healthy as you think it is.

Pretz Toast

Ah! This sugar-coated Pretz is sure to remind you of the good old pretzels. Yum. This is a change the saltiness of the first 4 flavors above. What I like about this is that only one side is covered with sugar – the one opposite of the grilled side, so it doesn’t scream sugar. Ugh. Can I have more of this? (Trying not to recover my stash which is reserved for happiness emergencies).

Pretz Osatsu (Sweet Potato with Butter)

Another sweet version of Pretz. I found this in Donki during their mega opening and and I couldn’t be happier to add one more to my stash.

Have you found other Pretz flavors? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll try to hunt for them too!

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Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter
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Paula Lapizar

Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter

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