Review and Guide: Mitsubishi Chemical (三菱ケミカル) Cleansui (クリンスイ) CB073 Water Filter

If you are wondering why I am using a water filter in Japan, you can read our post about it here.

The Filter

Product Name: 三菱ケミカル・クリンスイ 蛇口直結型浄水器 クリンスイ CB073-WT

Author’s Rating: 4/5


The box


Free cartridge (3 month’s worth of use)


Installed filter

I ordered this from Amazon, for the reasons I stated in my previous article. I got us a Mitsubishi Chemical Water Filter because it is cheap for a high quality water filter.

This filter, with 2 free filter cartridges, costs about 2719 yen and will last us for 6 months. This would cost us only about 15 yen per day. Pretty nifty compared to the 50 – 100 yen 2 liter purified water bottles out there.

You can get yours here if you have the following type of faucets:


This filter is not fit for all types of faucets. It cannot accommodate the following:

Cannot be used for the following type of faucets


You don’t have to worry about the attachments for the acceptable faucets because it’s included in the package.

Back of Attachment Package

Our faucet has external threads where originally, an aerator/sprayer was attached.

I had to remove this by sliding the PP lock outwards
This is how the aerator/sprayer looks after removal from our faucet
How our faucet looks like after removal of the aerator/sprayer.



I am learning Japanese from school now but it’s not enough for me to get by in installing this filter so I just relied on my ability to connect things together. LOL.

First, figure out what type of connector you need.

Choose your connector (might be different from ours).
For type B, select the gasket too.
Attach the gasket to the underside of the connector.

Next, unscrew the white connector from the filter.

Next, put your faucet connector on the underside of the filter connector and attach to the faucet.

Attach the faucet connector to the faucet.

Next, attach the filter to the filter connector (now attached to your faucet). Make sure it is tight and secure. I used no tools, just my hands. You can tighten the grip to the faucet by moving your filter. 😉

Next, attach the cartridge. I used the sticker in the box to indicate my installation date and replacement date. Although, the bars in the indicator screen will tell you when to replace the filter cartridge. I’m just thorough that way. Plus, I want to use the stickers (ahaha).

Attach your cartridge by sliding from from to the back.

Finally, run the tap (with the droplet water sign, not the spray sign) for a couple of seconds before enjoying your oishii water.

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Paula Lapizar

Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter
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Paula Lapizar

Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter

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