Job hunting in Japan: List of Companies for Engineers (Mid-Career)

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Here’s another list of companies you might want to consider while job hunting in Japan. I have filtered this list

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Family Mart Cafe: One of my budget choices for coffee and snacks in Japan

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There’s probably more Family Mart convenience stores in Japan than McDonald’s so if you’re looking for a place to pass

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Add these groups to get cheap or free furniture/ appliances/ stuff in Japan!

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Waste not, Want not, Mottainai It may be fortunate or unfortunate that some foreigners (and locals) leave Japan for good,

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Discount and Referral Codes (クーポン)

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When I first used the services I will mention below, I never had someone give me a discount code or

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Todoroki Valley: A Quick Escape from Bustling Tokyo

The Valley If you simple want to shun out the city and refresh your soul, spend time walking or jogging

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Interesting Finds – Japan Edition: Stapleless Stapler

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I’ve been constantly “borrowing” a stapler these days. After a lot of free staples from my lab mate,  my conscience (wait,

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Japan Sim Cards: Save on your mobile fees with BIC SIM Card

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Short term visitors can often get by with network roaming and just buying a Data SIM card in Japan. The

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Bad at directions? Cheer up! Japan is a bad-at-direction-tourist-friendly destination :)

I am very bad at directions. Ever since grade school I’ve always been one of those whose routine only involves

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