Twinbird Slow Cooker (Unboxing)

It’s tempting to just eat bento in Japan because they’re convenient and cheaper than cooking, sometimes. Going home late from work and school, thinking about what to cook, actually cooking, doing the dishes, and cleaning up (etc, etc) can be overwhelming. However, bento can’t give as much variety and selection as home-made food. Eating out in restaurants can be expensive too!

I decided I needed a cooking method that will allow me to cook and do what I need to do at the same time! Research led me to an electric slow cooker that lets me cook in low temperature for an extended amount of time without hiking up the bill (approx. 10 円/ 2 hrs)! Sounds perfect.

I ordered mine from Amazon along with an automatic timer which cuts off power. This Twinbird EP-4717,  which costs around 3000 yen – 5000 yen, does not come with an auto power off so I needed that timer + power tripper device (~500 yen).

Today I received it and will unbox it for you!

Amazon delivered the EP-4717 in its original box and opening wasn’t too much of a hurdle.

The inner flap lists down everything inside (body, glass lid, cord, and inner clay pot).

The manual also contains 8 different Japanese recipes!

Here they are: clean, shining and rearing to be (over)used.

The only disadvantage of owning the Twinbird Slow Cooker is the absence of an automatic power trip timer. The only switch is found in front which will turn off (leftmost) the cooker, switch it to weak (middle) at 130W and strong (rightmost) at 200W.

This is how the body’s inner part look like.

This is how the clay pot’s inner part looks like.

This baby runs at 100 V (50-60 Hz). The clay pot has an inner diameter of 185 mm and depth of 135 mm. It can accommodate up to 2.4 L and weighs  3.3 kg. Consider this product’s 285 mm width, 235mm depth, and 285 mm height when storing. However, the manual recommends a 30 cm gap from the wall when using. I think this is not as wide as a rice cooker but it will consume precious kitchen’s space. I think it’s worth it anyway!

I’ll post some crock pot recipes soon!

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Paula Lapizar

Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter
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Paula Lapizar

Chemical Engineer. Daughter. Sister. Lover. Tree-Hugger. Bargain Hunter

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